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“The Fourth Wall” – This is a fantasy/drama franchise about Charlie McBride, a young character who works with his narrator “off screen” to find his love story in an “on screen” world that wants to seduce him into a thriller. 

“The Narrator” – a fantasy/comedy about a confused narrator, who must somehow sort out his character’s struggles with his love-life and the job market , in order to save his “on screen” world from collapse.

“The Script, parts 1 and 2” –  Charlie McBride and his narrator must decide what is real and what is not when they find out their love story has been high jacked by a thriller.  He must his convince his family to leave this plotline in order to rediscover their own.


“It’s the Way the Ball Bounces” – A sports/drama about a working class jock who must decide what he truly values in life when his brother and him find a winning lottery ticket worth 5 million dollars that belongs to the captain of their play-off bound rugby team.

“The Present” – a Christmas drama about recently-separated, over-worked lawyer whose widowed father disappears just before Christmas.  By returning home to deal with the tense dynamics around his family and their business that sells Christmas lights, he finds that his younger sister, the black sheep of the family who disappeared years ago, has inherited the majority of the stock.


“Inside Knowledge”.  An ex-vet fisherman searching for the hit and driver that killed his wife and child, finds himself embroiled in a conspiracy involving Chinese money-laundering, high-priced real estate and police corruption. Only a young ambitious female lawyer whose father was also killed in a random accident can save him from his death wish.


“Matthew 24” – a journalist in the ‘50’s, who discovers a secret that could change the world, quickly finds out why it has been kept a secret for so long.

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